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If you have been injured by the negligence or carelessness of another person or company, you need aggressive and experienced trial lawyers who will fight for you.

When you put your case in the hands of Zukerberg & Halperin, you get tough trial lawyers with a proven track record of success.



The lasting effects of a serious personal injury can be devastating, not only for the survivor - but for their family, companion or caregiver.

A serious personal injury can permanently affect your life, making work or school difficult, damaging your personal relationships, and perhaps requiring long-term care and treatment. Anxiety, fatigue, headache, depression and sleep disorders are all common disorders following serious personal injuries. You may be worried about how you are going to pay your medical bills, and how you will support yourself and your family, if you can't return to work.

Your family and loved ones worry about what is going to happen to the person they know and love. Whether you are a survivor, or a spouse, parent, child, caregiver or guardian of someone who was injured or killed, you need to be informed about your rights.



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